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Foodservice Relish

The leader in pickles, Bay Valley Foods naturally provides the best pickle relishes and foodservice relish. After all, we start with the best cucumbers and other produce and use decades of experience to create the finest pickle products. We offer convenient packaging and superior distribution of our industrial bulk relish products.

The Best Relish Starts with the Best Pickles

How can you describe Bay Valley Foods relishes? Our customers express it in terms of our relishes' optimal firmness, definition and texture. From the beginning to the end of the relish-marking process, we require consistency and quality. We start by monitoring the growing areas to ensure a consistent size, shape and texture.

High-Tech Processing

As the industry leader, Bay Valley Foods only uses whole pickles to make relish. Our cucumbers are placed in brine and constantly monitored to ensure an excellent result. The pickles are washed and hand inspected before being sent for precision dicing. Final stringent quality testing verifies that a customer's exact specifications are met. Only after these strictly controlled steps are complete is the relish ready to ship.

Multiple Applications

Bay Valley Foods' customers lead the food products industry. Our bulk relishes have numerous applications including:

  • Sauces

  • Dressings

  • Condiment toppings

  • Marinades

  • Processed meats

Packaging Flexibility

Bay Valley Foods offers a variety of packaging options to meet customer needs and applications. Bulk packaging includes:

Industrial Pickle RelishFiber drums

  • 35 gallon

  • 55 gallon

Hard plastic drums (returnable at the option of the customer)

  • 48 gallon

  • 51 gallon


Bay Valley Foods offers the flavors our customers need to create the best end-product. Our bulk relish offering consists of:

  • Dill

  • Sweet

  • Hamburger Relish

  • Sweet - Unflavored

  • Sour - Unflavored