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When people think of non-dairy creamers, they think of Bay Valley Foods. That's because we're the world's largest supplier of private label non-dairy powdered creamers. As the category leader, we continue to deliver the consistent creamy color, rich flavor and luscious texture preferred by coffee drinkers.

Bay Valley Foods helped make non-dairy creamers a staple product around the world. Coffee drinkers everywhere appreciate the Bay Valley Foods difference. Our unique emulsion system ensures our creamers dissolve quickly and evenly, never feather or curdle.

Liquid non-dairy creamers are hot with customers because they're cool and creamy in coffee. And Bay Valley Foods' liquid non-dairy creamers are the preferred choice of consumers who prefer a refrigerated non-dairy creamer.

A convenient alternative to milk or cream, liquid non-dairy creamers are lactose and cholesterol free. So customers can feel good about pouring them in their coffee each morning and throughout the day.

Offered in private label and retail brands, all of our non-dairy creamers have the same, consistent high quality.

Private Label

As the non-dairy creamer category continues to develop, Bay Valley Foods leads the way in product innovation.

  • Flavor CharmNational Brand Equivalent

  • Available in a variety of flavors including French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Vanilla Caramel

  • Sugar free varieties also available

  • We offer a recognizable bottle shape, a convenient flip-top cap and full sleeve label that will maximize your message

  • Our coordinated flavor caps enhance recognition and shelf presence.

  • Graphic services are available or you may utilize our Cremora or Flavor Charm brands.

Club Stores

  • Powdered non-dairy creamer stock-up options for both private label, control brand, and regional name brands.

  • Customization available to fit your store profile.

Mocha Mix®

For more than fifty years, people have been starting their mornings with the rich, creamy taste of Mocha Mix® non-dairy creamer due to its:

  • Distinct flavor and consistent quality

  • Strong consumer loyalty levels among all refrigerated creamers in the market

  • Soy protein-based formula:
         - Cholesterol free
         - 0g trans fat
         - low in saturated fat
         - lactose free

Attractive New Packaging.

Fresh, up-to-date packaging is designed to maintain a strong connection with the look that has appealed to loyal customers over the years.

Some of our added features are:

  • Pour Spout Cap with Color Flavor Coding

  • Attractive Updated Mocha Mix® Logo

  • Eye-Catching NEW Coffee and Cream Graphic

  • Easier-to-Read Flavor Banner

  • Larger Health Smart Panel

It adds up to a package that is recognizable to existing customers and enticing to new ones.

Borden® Cremora®

Introduced in 1962, Cremora® represents the second largest retail brand in the non-dairy powdered creamer category in the United States and is a leading brand in several Latin American countries. The brand has long-standing history with consumers and the Borden brand is considered one of the top 10 most recognizable icons in the United States.

Cremora® varieties:


  • Rich and Creamy

  • Savor the rich flavor and smooth creaminess of Cremora, cup after creamy cup.

  • Available in: 16oz and 35.3oz


  • Enrich your coffee with Cremora's French Vanilla and Hazelnut nondairy creamers.

  • Our French Vanilla has a creamy, custard-like vanilla flavor inspired by the ice cream it was named after.

  • Enjoy the nutty flavor of toasted hazelnuts with Cremora's Hazelnut nondairy creamer

  • Both flavors are available in 15 oz.

Flavor Charm

Bay Valley Foods Flavor Charm brand provides a quality product at a value price point. Whether you select the Flavor Charm label or choose to customize the packaging to feature your store brand, partner with the leader and give your customers the best.

Wide Variety of Flavors

Flavor Charm

We offer a wide variety of flavors to meet your customers' preferences. Our flavor line includes:

  • Original

  • French Vanilla

  • Hazelnut

  • Vanilla Caramel

  • Packaging Options

    Our smaller sizes allow the best chance for hitting a value price point.

    • 6 oz, 10 oz, and 16 oz for Original

    • 7 oz for flavors